Auto- Labelling machine


It is a machine for sticking labels on flat, cylindrical and concave packages, and it has two units, the general unit works on sticking labels vertically on the side of cylindrical packages, and a horizontal unit that works on sticking labels on the upper surface of flat and concave packages automatically.

Device Features:

1- Durability, as all its parts are made of hard chrome or hard foreign aluminum 2- Light weight and small size, as it can be included in a small workshop, its weight does not exceed 125 kg, and its dimensions are small, suitable for small workshops 3- Low energy consumption, as it can be connected to two batteries (24-volt), because all motors in it are of the type of stepper with strength, high accuracy and light consumption. 4- Easy to use, and has a touch screen with modern interfaces 5- Easy to disassemble, install and transport, as it can be placed in the trunk of the car