BA Team

Covering a broad spectrum of experties in
AI, robotics, software, hardware, web, and industrial control
BA Team consists of elite professionals focused on techical achievement and customer satisfaction.
With an average experience exceeding 10 years, BA Team members excel in all walks of the digital revolution.




Hard Workers

BA Services

BA Hardware          

Smart Home Systems
Wireless Sensor Networks
Factory/Workshop Controls
Access Control Systems
Computer Networks

BA Software             

Artificial Intelligence Systems
Custom Built Software
Mobile Apps Development
Digital Systems Security

BA Consultancy       

Software Standarisation
Technology Consultancy
Data Analysis And Servicing
Web Presence Management
Custom Server Management
BA Pedia

BA Network Solutions          

Planning and Executing networking solutions (wired,wireless,optical...) with professional support
Creating Virtual systems to Optimize server resources usage
Providing technical advice and field studies of any network structure.
Offering high-level security solutions with Monitoring tools

BA Network Security          

Penetration testing to discover network bugs and fixing problems
Choosing the appropriate firewall based on the network topology to protect the customers data
Web and Application filtering
Implementing wifi security to protect from unauthorized devices

BA Other       

Technology Training             
3D Printing
BA Store

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Advanced Gearbox

Artistic Funnel

Centralized Controller

Three-Phase Conductor

Wireless Sender/Receiver

Auto-labelling Machine

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Ultrasonic level gauge

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